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12 shocking and awesome jugaad(management) photos

Jugaad(setting or management) is a tool that makes our task easier. We all try to find jugaad to complete various complex tasks. But, there are people who invent funny, new and unique things by using their fabulous memory power. Here are the 12 best, shocking and amazing jugaadu photos: – I don’t …

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Do you remember Ball throw Game(Gadha Maar)

Do you remember a Hindi slogan “Mandi mein kya? Alu. Gadha maar chalu :P”. Almost all Indians are familiar with this slogan and they had used this slogan while playing Gadha Maar Game. Gadha Maar( A kind of ball throw game) is one of the most popular game played in …

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13 awesome childhood video games of 90’s

Do you remember Vidoe games that we use to play in our childhood during summer vacations? They were the most advanced graphics of our childhood time in the late 90’s. We had played various video games by exchanging video cassettes and chips with our friends. Video games were the only …

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