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10 funny tweets after Leonardo DiCaprio Won the Oscar

The Hollywood’s superstar Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won the Oscar award 2016. The actor finally made his way to Oscars after a 23-year long career in the Hollywood. Twitter bird is a non-stop bird. Leonardo DiCaprio Fans Tweeted their happiness and emotions for the success of their Hero. See, the 10 …

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8 epic trolls of Pakistan team on Facebook

India vs Pakistan match is always taken as a great clash between two neighbours. The same was seen in the match during Asia Cup.   The fabulous performance of Indian cricket team has won the hart of billions cricket fans. But, Pakistan team is getting trolled on Facebook. See the …

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12 irresistible twitter reactions on India-Pak Match

The twitter bird always reacts on every incident. The bird starts reacting on the latest Asia Cup Match Between India and Pakistan. Though, the match was won by India. But, Pakistan team was teased by both India and Pak Fans. See the 12 irresistible twitter reactions on India-Pak Match: – …

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5 things Ballu Do, but Balli Don’t

Ballu(male) and Balli(female) are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are in a relationship from years. Balli and Ballu both truly love each other. But, Ballu does a lot to maintain his relationship. Ballu tolerate Balli, Ballu understand Balli but Balli don’t.   5 things Ballu Do but Balli Don’t: – Ballu unfriend his …

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