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13 awesome childhood video games of 90’s

Do you remember Vidoe games that we use to play in our childhood during summer vacations? They were the most advanced graphics of our childhood time in the late 90’s. We had played various video games by exchanging video cassettes and chips with our friends.


Video games were the only thing of entertainment in 90’s. Nowadays, these games are replaced by PS2, PS3, Xbox,  HD and HQ mobile and desktop games.

But, the memories of old video games are still fantastic. Here are the list of 13 awesome 90’s childhood video games: –



Mario character was launched by Nintendo in 1981. Mario was the most famous game of that time. There was an option of 2 players where we played with Mario and Luigi. The Nintendo company sold 210 million units of Mario game worldwide.



Contra was released in 1987. The game was the second most rated video game after rMario. All 90’s children were the fans of contra.



Thi game is also known as “Adventure island”. It was produced by Hudson soft. They released the game in 1987.



The game was released and produced by Hudson Soft in 1983. We need to place a bomb to break the wall and kill the ballons. We need to find powers and a gate to enter the next level.

Ice climber

ice climber

Ice Climber was my favorite game. We need to break the ice and climb the ice walls to reach the next level. Birds and penguins were our enemy.

Super Tank 1

super tank

Super tank was also the craziest game in the history of vidoe games. We use the tanks to destroy the walls and enemy tanks to protet our eagle.There were various stages and we also directly entered to the next levels with a long jump by using codes.

Road Fighter


Road fighter was the modern car racing game of that time. People love to ride car by taking fuels. We need to protetc our car from others and complete the race in the given time.

Baloon fight

baloon fight

Remember the Ballon Fight game. There was a boy with bow an darrow an dhe shots the ballons to kill the enemies.




Tetris was the modern “Candy crush” game of late 90’s. Now, there are various advanced Tetris games available with high quality graphics and HD versions.



The golf game graphics were known as the most advanced graphics of that time. We need to play a shot and a map, power, and hole was seen in the sidebar of the screen.



Tennis game was the gift for Tennis lovers of that time. There was no “S” shot in the game that we see in the latest PS3,  and xbox games. But, the game was amazing.



The game was released in the year 1994. The speed of the game was too slow as compared to PS2, PS4, mobile, XBOX and computer game. But, this 10 minute game was enough to experience football.

F-1 Race


So, remember you had driven F-1 via your video game remote in 90’s. The game so advanced that it feeds map, speed information etc on the screen.


Comment your favorite game and we will place it in our list.



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