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5 things Ballu Do, but Balli Don’t

Ballu(male) and Balli(female) are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are in a relationship from years. Balli and Ballu both truly love each other.

But, Ballu does a lot to maintain his relationship. Ballu tolerate Balli, Ballu understand Balli but Balli don’t.


5 things Ballu Do but Balli Don’t: –

Ballu unfriend his friends from Facebook Whenever Balli ask


Whenever Balli asks Ballu to remove a friend from his FB profile, Ballu immediately sacrifices for her. Ballu had removed 15 beautiful girls from his profile for Balli.

One day, Ballu ask Balli to remove a Male friend from her profile. But, Balli Got angry and she refused it. Balli  did not pick the phone calls of Ballu for three days. Then, Ballu promised her that he will never ask this question again.

He accepted his dog is a dog and Balli’s dog is a Tommy.

Ballu shared his  social media  password with Balli


On the second day of relationship, Balli asked Ballu’s social media account password and Ballu gives it to her. She keeps a minute eye on his social media account.

But, when Ballu asked her for her social media password, she said: “You don’t have trust in me”. I Luv you honey and how dare you to ask the password?


Then, Ballu takes her for dinner to again make her happy.

Ballu receives Balli’s phone within 4 rings

5 things Ballu do but Balli don't #BallutolerateBalli

Ballu is very caring. Ballu always tries his best for her girl. He always picks her phone within 4 rings.

One day Ballu failed to receive Balli’s phone, Balli messaged her, go to hell. Then, Ballu spent thousands to make Balli happy by shopping and dinner. Then, Ballu decided to attend her phone calls even in the office hours otherwise, he will lose thousands as a punishment.

One day Balli failed to pick the call. When Ballu asked her why she  don’t picked his call. She told I have my personal space too and she changed the topic.

Ballu laugh on Balli’s horrible jokes too

Ballu and Balli #Ballutolerateballi

Ballu is an innocent guy. He doesn’t wanna lose her girl. So, he laughs at nonsense jokes of Balli.

But, due to less humour, Balli got angry on Ballu on his sensible joke and advised her to take him to  guidance for the formation of jokes.

Ballu praises Balli’s weird things too


One day, Balli wore a weird colour combination dress. Ballu asked her to change the dress. But, Balli got angry. She said Ballu “you don’t have sense, leave it”.

Ballu is intelligent. He then started praising her for weird things too.


The moral of the story is to be like Ballu, if you need a long lasting relationship. Afterall, your “girl is a girl”. She will never change. #ballutolerateballi

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