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5 logical reasons to chant OM daily

“OM” is the single word that defines the universe. The most advanced and modern astrological research center “NASA” has also admitted that they have heard the word “OM” in the galaxy.

chant OM

OM is a Sanskrit word that is used as a prefix with most of the mantras and tantras. Our ancient Indian scholars and saints are chanting OM from thousands of years.

When we chant OM, it produces vibrations inside the body. These positive vibrations charge our body cells. It helps to reduce negative energy from the body and boost positive vibrations. Try to chant OM in the sunlight for effective and fast results.

Here are the 5 logical reasons  to chant OM daily: –

A) Removes dead cells from the brain

When we Chant OM, an echo produced inside our body. This echo removes dead cells from the brain. A storage of dead cells can turn into a stroke, tumor, and other harmful problems.

B) Active our chakras

chant OM

We all have six chakras. When we chant OM, the chakra’s gets charged and becomes active. A person with activates chakras lives healthy life while a defect or inactive chakra lead to serious diseases.

C) Increase concentration


A regular practice of “OM” increase concentration. When we chant OM, we concentrate on our pronunciation and forget everything. Recite OM for 2-3 minute and experience it in a week.

D) Reduce stress, tension and pressure

chant OM

Many people have experienced positive effects by chanting OM. When we chant OM, it produces positive vibrations that remove dead  cells from the brain. It helps to reduce stress, pressure,  mental worries, and sleep disorders.

E) Happiness

chant OM

Chant OM regularly for a week in the morning. You will find yourself more active and fresh. It will boost happiness in your life.

The word OM is a complete science. No one can describe it better but one can experience its effects by reciting it regularly.



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