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5 logical reasons to chant OM daily

“OM” is the single word that defines the universe. The most advanced and modern astrological research center “NASA” has also admitted that they have heard the word “OM” in the galaxy. OM is a Sanskrit word that is used as a prefix with most of the mantras and tantras. Our ancient …

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5 things that produce positive energy in the temples

The temples are the sacred and pious places.  They are also known as the powerhouse of positive energy because the creator of the universe itself lives inside it. A positive energy is also known as positive vibration. There are various techniques and things followed inside a temple to produce positive …

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5 logical reasons for visiting a temple

India is a country of temples and Indian holy books also defined the importance of temples. Temple visit is our tradition from thousands of years ago. Our parents ask us to visit temples on festivals and if possible then every day. But, many children and youths have doubts that why …

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