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10 interesting and unique facts about Indore

Indore is known as the industrial capital of Madhya Pradesh. The city is also famous for food, history,  lifestyle, waterfalls and other stuff.

There are various things to know about Indore. Here are the 10 interesting facts about Indore: –




IIT and IIM are the most valuable education institutes of India. Indore is the first and the only city having both IIT and IITM institutes.

Indori Poha-jalebi


Indore is known for its breakfast. The breakfast in Indore is said to be incomplete without Poha and Jalebi. You will find numerous Poha-Jalebi shops in Indore everywhere.

Cricket love and symbols


Cricket is the most lovable game in Indore. There is a square named “World cup square” and world cup statue in Indore.


There is a huge bat statue in Indore. The bat has the names of those Indian players who won the series against West Indies in 1971.

Traffic police cop’s moonwalk

The passionate traffic police cop “Ranjeet Singh” is also the center of attraction in Indore. Ranjeet is a big Fan of Late Michael Jackson. He integrated moonwalk to manage the traffic in Indore.


Bada Ganpati


Bada Ganpati is a lord Ganesha temple in Indore. The statue of Lord Ganesha is the largest Ganesha statue in the world.



Indore organizes Gair on “Rangpanchami” every year.  Thousands of people take part in it and play Holie with colors and water. The organizers splash water on the public.


The largest colony of Asia( Sudama Nagar)

Sudama Nagar is situated in Indore. The  colony is Asia’s largest colony. People also call it a “Labrinth”.

Rahul Dravid Born in Indore


Rahul Dravid is counted as one of the greatest Cricketer of the world. He was born in Indore.

Salman Khan Born in Indore


Salman khan who is also known as Dabangg Khan also shares his birthplace with Rahul Dravid. He was also born in Indore.



Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology is also situated in Indore. The institute works in non-nuclear research that includes laser and particle accelerators.

Sumitra Mahajan (Speaker of The Indian Parliament)


The current speaker of the Indian Parliament Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan represents Indore in the parliament. She was elected as an M.P. 8th time from Indore.

Apart from these interesting facts, Indore is also known for automobile industry “Pithampur” and various other things.



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