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How to grow a Facebook Page

Facebook is the most popular online brand in the world. Billions of people use facebook to connect with their friends, family and for making new friends. The website generates traffic in billions/month.

how to Grow a facebook page

Being a popular choice of the people, it offers a reliable platform to business to enhance their reach. For this purpose, Facebook provides Facebook page.

Facebook provides Facebook page but you have to grow your audience by your own efforts. The audience will like your page when you will feed relevant services. For e.g., I am interested in WWE. So I will like Facebook pages that feed information related to WWE.

So, it is necessary to target the right audience for your FB page.

See, how to grow a Facebook Page: –

A) Feed viral content

The only thing that will give excellent results in a short time period is the viral content. Feed viral news and content on your Facebook page. If you are a business then you can write viral news related to your niche in a blog and publish it on your Facebook Page.

Most of the Facebook Pages with millions of audience use catchy headings and graphics to attract the audience. Catchy headings and graphics receive more shares and likes. It reaches to non-followers. It increases the probability of getting more organic followers. Take care of thumbnail and graphic pixels. The ideal pixel length is 1200×440. GIFs and Videos work better than images and links.

To reach a large number of audience, use Facebook boost feature. Add affordable budget to your post and set your audience based on geographic location and interest. You can either feed your post to people who liked your page or people who liked your page and their friends too. It will provide likes, comments, shares and helps in facebook traffic generation.

Remember to add small budgets every time. Always test the results with a small investment. If your post has the potential to become viral, then you will achieve the results with a small investment too.

B) Add facebook page link in your website

A facebook page is a social media contact. So, it is necessary to integrate FB page link in your website. Remember the Link should be visible on every web page for better visibility.

grow a Facebook page

You can also ask your audience to like your Facebook page via popup or smart bars.

grow a Facebook page


C) Feed Facebook timeline on your website

grow a Facebook page

A Facebook timeline offers webmasters to feed Facebook Page news on their website. Use it. A recent study has revealed that Facebook page owners have seen 5% growth in followers by using Facebook timeline.

D) Use “Facebook Promote Page” feature

grow a Facebook page

Use this feature to gain targeted likes. Facebook feed Facebook page in the news feed to targeted audience. It helps to gain daily likes.


E) Social content locker

grow a Facebook page

The social locker is also a most effective tool to build a large social audience. Integrate social locker to your web page. Whenever a user will visit your website, he/she will see a lock screen with social buttons. When he will perform any action, the content will unlock.

F) Join Targeted FB groups

People says FB groups are dead. But, it’s a myth only. There are thousands of active groups where you can post your Page’s post. Do share news content in the groups via your Facebook page and see the post reach. Every startup becomes a brand by using the resources of FB groups.

These are the techniques that help you to boost your Facebook page likes with 5x speed.


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