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12 shocking and awesome jugaad(management) photos

Jugaad(setting or management) is a tool that makes our task easier. We all try to find jugaad to complete various complex tasks. But, there are people who invent funny, new and unique things by using their fabulous memory power.

Here are the 12 best, shocking and amazing jugaadu photos: –

I don’t need a seat inside the train, I have my own

Open railway reservation Jugaad

The man is saying the same. He is sitting on a bicycle that is connected to the window via a strong iron chain.

It’s too hot, let’s gain some coolness

Coolness jugaad

These group is trying to fight with hot temperature with the help of a big ice cube. Hope, this will help them to deal with the climate.

I know how to produce electricity

Electricity Jugaad

This man is producing electricity with the help of an iron rod.

A true friend supports his friend in every situation

Friendship Jugaad

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The boy laying down on the floor is doing the same. He is helping his friend by offering a support via his legs.

My Camel ride

A Camel ride Jugaad

He doesn’t need a camel for Camel ride. His Camel cycle is enough to enjoy a Camel ride.

No one can stop me 

Jugaad for a lunch

Hunger is bigger than any other thing in life. The same thing is also applicable for animals. This goat made a solid jugaad to for lunch.

Elephant ride

Jugaad for elephant ride

The man is enjoying an elephant ride by sitting on a buffalo. He placed an artificial trunk over the buffalo’s head and enjoying the elephant ride.

My friend umbrella

Umbrella Jugaad

You don’t need an actual umbrella to protect yourself from rain, you can contact this man for designing your umbrella at home. The umbrella is flexible, you can keep the square shade and stick separately.

Ox-made sugar cane juice

Sugar cane juice Jugaad

This is the unique way to extract sugar cane juice from sugar cane. Here, the man is preparing sugar cane juice with the help of an Ox, there’s no need for electricity.

My cool bedroom

The man made a solid jugaad for a peaceful sleep

The man is enjoying a cool sleep in his new bedroom. He has shifted his bedroom in the freezer to fight against the hot temperature. No one can disturb him here.

My Rikshaw

My rikshaw Jugaad

Have you seen this great stuff in your life before? You will need a cycle and a vegetable box and 10-minutes to make a two sitter rikshaw.


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