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A weird political leader who do blaming politics

India is a democratic country and there are dozens of Political parties including national and local parties. The country had seen dirty politics and political leaders in the lifetime but never seen a political leader who plays “Blame and Rule” politics. 

He is none another than Arvind Kejriwal. The Indian political leader who got an identity in India because of Jan Andolan marches led by Anna Hazare for “Jan Lokpal Bill”.

A weird political leader who do blaming politics

The leader has a bad habit of blaming others. He thinks he is the only intellectual and true person who take the stand in favor of the truth. If media speaks in his favor then media is working for the nation but if they present a report against him then the media turns into a paid media.

He has blamed many famous and respected personalities of India. Everytime he failed to provde the charges against them. The court also found him guilty and ordered to apologise for the false statement.

Sheila Dixit

He started his blaming politics from the Delhi Vidhan Sabha election 2014. He led rallies and blamed Sheila Dixit that she is a curropt CM of Delhi. He showed 370 pages in his hands during the rally and announced that when he will form the government then Sheila Dixit will enjoy the rest life in the jail. He won the election against Sheila Dixit. His party won 28 seats in that election. But, when he made govenrment for the first time in Delhi with the support of Congress he asked Harshwardhan Singh(the leader of opposition) to present proofs against her.

Mukesh Ambani

The blamer throws a bouncer on Mukesh Ambani. His government arranged a press confer4eence on 11 February, 2011. He blamed curroption the demon behind the price rise. The government ordered ACB to file a case against Mukesh Ambani, Virappa Moilee, and VK Sibal. The AAP party quits governance in Delhi on 14 Febraury 2014. They made “Jan Lokpal Bill” as teh abse behind quitting the governance. Arvind Kejriwal sent regisnation to Delhi governer.

He again failed to prove curroption charges on the India’s most richest man. Later, the central government took control of ACB and now Kejriwal is blaming the central government that they are hiding the truth. If the AAP party was pretty sure about the involvement of Reliance in the curroption charges then why Arvind Kejriwal resign immediately after filing the FIR?

Nitin Gadkari

The AAP leader raised a finger on Nitin Gadkari too. See the pictures: –

A weird political leader who do blaming politics


A weird political leader who do blaming politics

Then, Gadkari filed a defamation case against Kejriwal. The court ordered Kejriwal to furnish the bail bond and he refuse it. He was sent to Tihar jail. Later, he submitted the bail bond and was released from the jail. The court asked Arvind Kejriwal and Nitin Gadkari to do settlement outside teh court.

Arun Jaitley

The AAP leader haven’t stopped the balmming politics. He blamed Arun Jaitley for curroption in Delhi criceket board. The AAP leaders Kumar Vishwas, Sanjay Singh and Kejriwal conducted a press conference and blamed the finance minister. Later, the Delhi cricket Association gave a clean cheat to Arun Jaitley. Then, Jaitley has filed a defamation case against the senior AAP leaders. Currently, the Delhi chief minister is on bail. The next hearing is scheduled on 19 May 2016.


No one can understand his blaming politics. But, it’s working for him. He won 67 seats in Delhi vidhan Sabha elections on the basis of his Blaming politics. He has initiated “Blaming politics” and his tool is found very effective to attract voters.

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