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How optimizing Images can Improve your Website performance

“A picture speaks a thousand words.” But in web or digital world “A pixel is worth a thousand

words.” A “pixel” is a picture element; the smallest portion of a digitized picture which can be


Pixels are typically expressed as a matrix, e.g. 256×256, or, 512×464 (horizontally and

vertically). Web images come in the forms of JPEG, PNG, GIF or SVG. Web images need to be

hi-resolution and crisp. But, this comes at a price. Large, high definition images have huge file

sizes. Also, they take a longer time to load. This slows down the navigation process of a website

giving the browsers a snappy experience.

This causes visitors to bounce and when noticed by google, it affects the SEO. Thus, the best

practice is to strike a balance between image quality and image file size. Image optimisation

makes this possible.

This is where a digital marketing firm comes into the picture as they are equipped with tools and

technologies for online marketing. They help create a strong brand image with their digital

marketing services.

Things to do for image optimization:

1. Save the right dimension– view the image at 100% to know the exact size that it would

take for web display.

2. Save for web– reduce the file size without compromising on the quality of the image.

3. Compress image for web– remove hidden and unwanted data that takes up space.

4. Choose the right file format– depending on the image type, out of the many available

JPEG(JPG) is ideal for colorful images and PNG for simple ones. Image formats have a

significant impact on load time.

5. Scale and Crop Images to Fit Any Page Layout–  images often require cropping to fit

responsive layouts and diverse device dimensions.

6. Using different image sizes for different devices– A phone does not need an image as

a large monitor needs. One can significantly decrease the resolution of an image to

serve the same purpose. This is to be done keeping in mind that mobile phones rely on

relatively slow 3G/4G connections.

By choosing the right combination of file format and compression type one can reduce image

size by as much as 5 times. Experimenting with compression techniques reveals what works

best for each image or format. Whether a web application supports user uploaded images,

deliver static images, or displays profile pictures from social networks, a digital marketing firm

manipulates them to fit the graphic design of the site.

Today, images account for more than 60% of downloaded content on a web page. Thus,

optimizing images by using professional services one can yield significant performance

improvements of any website.

Even if one saves 10-20% on each image, over time, as the website grows, every little KB can

add up to some significant savings. This leads to a pleasant overall experience for the visitors,

customers, and Google.

Benefits of image optimization using digital marketing services:

 Improves the speed of loading a page.

 SEO ranks high, accelerating your website.

 Backups created faster.

 Use of less bandwidth accelerates the browser.

 Less storage space required in the server.

It is very important to create a brand identity to convey a positive and compelling message to

the audience of a website.

There are tools to optimize images (manual & auto):

 Photoshop

 Gimp

 Paint.NET

 GIFsicle- for images with animation

 JPEGtran- for colourful images

 JPEGMini

 OptiPNG- for transparency in an image

 pngquant

 FileOptimizer

 ImageOptim

 TinyPNG- for images with very few colors

 Trimage

Professional services company, e-commerce site or retail store; in today’s marketplace

everyone needs the specialized services whose branding process, creates a genuine online

presence through an array of tools.

These services are designed to help clients managing their online reputation. They present the

most professional image to the potential and existing stakeholders across the web. Whether to

revamp the look ‘n’ feel of an existing website or improve the online marketing & SEO efforts, a

Digital marketing firm creates an online brand image across the globe.

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