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6 tips to stay fresh and active throughout the day

Everyone is busy in his/her life. People do not have time to take care of their health. Indisciplined daily schedule, workload, over time, ┬átension and other things are affecting their health. Many people complain about hypertension, low blood pressure, stress, migraine, dizziness etc things. They feel tired, lazy and inactive …

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5 natural tips to gain instant face glow

Our face is the first impression that attracts others. Everyone needs to be a center of attraction in a party, function or other events. For this purpose, one needs a clear glowing face. Dirt, dust, and pollution are the enemies of our face. They block our face pores. Due to …

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5 effective natural ways to get rid of stress

Stress is a medical condition that occurs with the rise of pressure and tension in life. Around 60% people of the world are suffering from stress. Stress increases the risk of stroke, brain tumor, high blood pressure, and migraine. The excessive pressure and tension disturb the blood circulation inside the …

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