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Will this t20 2016 world cup break these 3 records

The 6th edition of t20 world cup is going on and the semi-finalists have been decided. New Zealand, India, West Indies and England will play the semi-final to reach the final.

Will this t20 2016 world cup break these 3 records

But, this world cup can break the history. There are 3 incidents that never happened in the history of t20 world cup.

Here are the 3 records: –

A) No host had won the world cup: – We have seen in the past five editions of the tournament that the host team had never won the cup. But, India can break this record in this edition. The man in blue has regained their potential after the loss against New Zealand in the opening match.

Will this t20 2016 world cup break these 3 records

If India won this world cup then they will register their name as a winning host in t20 world cup diary.

B) No team had won the t20 cup twice: – The last five t20 world cup was won by different teams. India, Pakistan, England, West Indies and Sri Lanka are the winners of the last 5 editions.

But, there is the highest probability that this record will get broken in this tournament. England, West Indies and India are going to play the semi-finals and, at least, one t20 world cup winning nation will play the final.

C) No African and Australian country had won the t20 world cup: – Africa and Australia are the only two cricket playing continents who have not won the t20 world cup. While West Indies who represent America had won the WC in 2012. European nation England had won the t20 cup in 2011. The Asian countries Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India has won it.

But, there is a golden opportunity for New Zealand to win the t20 2016 WC and take the cup to their continent.


Bets of luck for all the four teams for the head matches. Hope, India will win the world cup.


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