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Earn money online from the best sources

College students, youngsters, and elders all have heard that people make money online.They have questions like how and from where they are earning dollars from the internet? There is no rocket science behind it. They are earning money genuinely.you can also earn money online.

There are many platforms available on the internet to earn money online. Affiliate marketing, blogging, content monetizing, freelance jobs, writing jobs etc are the platforms available to earn money. The online world offers you to earn money by utilizing your skills.Online money making is simple and needs some awareness about and its resources.

earn money online

Here are the 14 best websites to make money online: –
Freelance websites: -Freelance websites offers an options top earn money by doing freelance work. You can take work from others and receive money for the work done.

Freelancer.com: – Freelancer.com is the best website to earn money online. Making money from this website is simple. You can create a free account on this website and add some skills to your profile. This website will feed projects related to your skills.You will get 8 free bids with your free accounts monthly. This website has a large number of freelancers and projects. Bid on the projects with the price quote and time taken by you to complete that project. Complete the projects and earn money. You will receive the payments via PayPal and Skrill.

Upwork.com: – Upwork.com is also a similar website like freelancer.com. You can bid on the projects and complete them. You can make easy money from this website. You will find global projects on this website.

Writing work: -Writers have good opportunity to earn money online. Making money online is easy for the writers. here are the best platforms to make online money: –

Onespace.com: – Onespace.com is a perfect website to earn more than $3000/month. You need to complete assignments of students. This website will pay you per assignments. You can earn unlimited money from this website by spending more hours.

Dotwriter.com: -If you are a good writer, then submit your best articles on dotwriter.com. This website will sell your articles to others. You will receive payments for your articles via PayPal. Remember, you article must have good grammar and it must be plagiarism free and unique.

Youtube: -Youtube offers a platform to create video channels and uploads videos. Many Youtube channels are earning million dollars yearly from google AdSense program. When you upload a video on Youtube, it offers you to monetize your videos and earn money. Google will display advertisements on your videos and will pay you for that. Remember never include porn videos because it will dismiss your earnings.

Affiliate website: – Almost every e-commerce and product seller services offer a platform to the general public to sell their products online. These type of marketing is known as “Affiliate marketing”. Here are the websites that offer big revenues to affiliate marketers: –


Amazon.com affiliate program: – If you have a good knowledge about online promotions and social media marketing, then affiliate marketing is the best option for you. Create an amazon affiliate account and start promoting various amazon products. This website generates a unique affiliate link fro each affiliate marketer. When a customer purchases a product on Amazon via your affiliate link, you will get a commission.

Bigrock affiliate marketing: – Bigrock is a domain and hosting provider. This website offers you a good commission for selling their products to the customers. Make money online by promoting their products to the world. You will get payment directly in your bank accounts.

A small orange affiliate program: – This is a hosting and domain provider company that offers big revenues for selling their products to the customers. It pays you via PayPal.

Flipkart.com: – Flipkart affiliate marketing offers good commission. You must become an affiliate marketer at Flipkart and sell their products.

Service/product seller website: –

Amazon/Flipkart/eBay: – If you have good writing skills, then you must write ebooks and sell it on the stores like amazon.com, flipkart.com, ebay.com etc. Many EBook writers are earning more than $1000/month.Sell ebooks and earn money online easily.

Affiliate networking websites: -Affiliate networking websites offers a platform for both advertiser(merchant) and publisher(affiliate marketer). Publishers mean affiliate marketers promote the products and generate leads for the merchants, and that merchants will pay you for the lead generation. Here are the Affiliate networking sites: –

 Cpagrip.com: – CPA Grip is one of the finest CPA website. Create account and you will get instant approval on thsi website. you will become a affiliate marketer. There are three options available to market their products. If you have a video channel or blog/website, then increase your chances to earn money. There are three ways of monetization file locker, Page locker and video locker. You need to insert some javascript code to your website or web-page. The rest work will be done by the software automatically. It will pay you for lead generation

cpalead.com: – CPA Lead is similar to CPA Grip website. you will get instant approval. Start promoting the services and earn great commissions per lead generation.

Max Bounty: – Max Bounty is the best CPA website. But, its approval is difficult. You need to clear a telephonic interview to get approval from Max Bounty team. You need to pass the test to become an affiliate marketer on this website.


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