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Make money online -youngsters, students, housewives, elders

Online money making is simple and easy. Many people complain about financial issues and time management issues in their life. They want to earn more and more money easily. Making money online is simple. Youngsters, college students, housewives and retired persons all can make money online by doing small jobs. We are providing details of jobs relevant according to your age and profession. You can earn money via your passion on the internet.

There are many websites on the internet that offer an opportunity to college students, housewives, retired persons and youngsters to make money online. Here is the list of platforms and websites for different categories to earn easy money online: –

For college students: –


Become an online Tutor

make money online

Onespace.com: -Onespace.com offers college students a platform to make money online by completing assignments of other students. You will find assignment orders of school and college students. This website will offer assignments related to your skills and potentials. Complete assignments and earn money online.

Website: – http://www.onespace.com

Affiliate marketing

make money online

Amazon.com affiliates: -Become an affiliate member on amazon.com. Amazon.com will offer an affiliate for every product to you. You can promote its products on various platforms and write articles about the products with affiliate links. Amazon will pay you a commission for every sale via your affiliate link. You can do promotions via tablets and smartphones in free college time. You will gain online marketing skills by doing affiliate marketing. It offers both skill + money.

Website: – https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/

BigRock Affiliates: – Bigrock is a domain and hosting company that offers huge commissions to affiliate marketers. You can become a Bigrock affiliate marketer and can promote their products on social media, write articles and reviews. Generate sales for them and you will earn per sale.

Website: – http://www.bigrock.in/affiliate

A Small orange affiliate program: -Anyone can be an affiliate marketer on this website. A small   orange is a domain and hosting Provider Company. It offers best payouts for each lead. You can promote its various products like Domains, SSL certification, Hosting, Shared hosting online. You will get a separate referral link from this website for promotion. When a client will purchase any product from your referral link, this website will pay you the commission. You can promote its products via social media marketing, Email marketing, SEO etc.

Writing jobs: –

make money online

dotwritercom: – If you are a good writer and want to make online money, then dotwriter.com is the best website for you. Write a fresh and plagiarism free article and submit it on this website. You can set the price of your articles on this website. This website will sell your articles to others. You can earn quick money from dotwrietr.com.Website: –

Website: – http://dotwriter.com


For youngsters:

Do Freelance jobs and make money online

Freelancer.com: -Freelancer.com is a good source to earn online money. You will find various projects related to your skills on this website. First, complete and verify your freelancer profile. Then, start bidding on the projects that match your skills. Complete the orders and earn unlimited money online. Freelancer is open for all. You will find numerous projects related to every skill.

Website: – https://freelancer.com

Upworkcom: – Upwork is another website similar to freelancer.com. You will find projects that match your skills. Bid on the projects, complete the task and earn unlimited money. You will get more free bids on Upwork than freelancer.com.

Website: – http://upwork.com

Video monetization

Youtube earning: – Many youngsters are earning money from Youtube. You can also earn money via Youtube. Create any genre videos like inspirational videos, educational videos or funny videos and monetize your videos with Youtube. You can earn good money from Youtube.

Website: – http://youtube.com



Content monetization

Google Adsense: – You can monetize your website by Google Adsense. You can earn huge revenue from Google AdSense program by placing an advertisement on your website. Google pay for both per click and per 1k impressions.

Infolinks: – If your website or blog doesn’t approve by Adsense, then you can monetize your content via infolinks. You will get instant approval from infolinks. You can also add infolinks advertisements along with Google Adsense to earn more from your website or blog.

Website: – http://www.infolinks.com


For elders (Housewives and retired persons): –

Data Entry Jobs

make money online

Lionbridge: -Data entry jobs are the easiest ways to earn money online. You can become a member on Lionbridge website to earn easy money online by doing Data entry jobs. Minimum age requirement to become a member of this website is 18 years. You will get data entry work like solve captcha, Images to text conversion, reformatting data, and audio-to-text format etc jobs. Complete the jobs and earn money online easily.

Website: – https://thesmartcrowd.lionbridge.com/

Mega typer’s: – Mega typers.com is another great website for retired persons and housewives. You will find jobs like Scanned paper to editable digital documents, voice to text jobs, re-formatting jobs. It also offers jobs like images-to-text conversion job. You can earn $100 to $250 per month by doing data entry jobs on this websites. You can withdraw minimum $3 from this website.

Website: – http://megatypers.com

Mturk.com: – Mturk.com is also the best platform to earn easy money online. You will various data entry jobs on this website. Minimum payout on this website is $10.

Website: – http://mturk.com

Watch advertisements and make money online

Neo Bux: –Housewives and retired persons can earn easy money by watching advertisements. You can watch daily advertisements on NeoBux website and earn money easily online. Create an account on neobux and verify your account via email address. Connect your PayPal or Skrill account with NeoBux. You will see various advertisements available to watch inside your account. Watch that advertisements and NeoBux will pay you money for watching the advertisements. You can withdraw minimum $2.


Clixsense: – Make easy money from clixsense. It offers you to earn money via multiple ways. You can watch advertisements, surf other’s website, complete surveys, promote this website via referral link and can become an affiliate marketer for this website. Clixsense is also a good source for elders to earn money online.



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