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Late Muhammad Ali registered a new social media record


Legends never die, they live in our hearts. The ideal of millions, Sir Muhammad Ali is not present with us.  The legend Late. Muhammad Ali died on 3 June 2016. The death of a 74 years old boxer makes people cry.

Late Mohammad Ali registered a new social media record

He was known to declare himself as a winner before the match. He always proved his words with a victory.The boxer holds dozens of record on his name along 56 wins out of 61 matches. His record journey doesn’t stop here. The boxer has achieved a new milestone on twitter.

Muhammad Ali’s twitter followers increased from 737k to 859k after his death

mohammad ali

The boxer was followed by 737k people before his death. Now, his official twitter profile has 859k followers. Below is a screenshot captured on June 4, 2016. The boxer was followed by 742k followers in the screenshot. The boxer set a new milestone by gaining 122k followers after the death.

Mohammad Ali twitter followers

His death was a great setback to the world. He was included in the club of sportspersons who enjoys praises from their competitors and rivals.

Today, the legend is not present with us, but his memories are with us. Rest In Peace Mr. Legend.

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