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Engineering is nothing without 8 things

Millions of students receive B.Tech and B.E. degree every year and initiate their career as an engineer. But, the golden period in their life are those 4 years that they spend together with their friends while pursuing engineering. These 4 years are the special moments for engineering students, especially for boys.

Engineering is nothing without 8 things

An engineering degree is not sufficient, you need to experience it. Here are the few things without these engineering is nothing: –


The first chapter of engineering starts with ragging. Ragging is an interaction between freshers and senior students.  Seniors ask them to perform some tasks along with the general introduction and freshers need to perform it.

The task may be simple or hard depends on the nature of seniors. Freshers also enjoy these tasks and perform it with a great passion.

Note: -Illegal and harmful acts are not a part of ragging and we oppose it.



There is a famous quote “Engineering is incomplete without a backlog”. Almost 90% students face backlogs in their life. The first experience of backlogs make some students sad and they even cry but they treat backlog as a general incident afterwards.


bunkImg Source: www.collegeokplease.com

Engineering students are so serious about their studies. They leave their home in the morning with a serious look but make their attendance somewhere else.

Most of the engineering students will either be present at the tea shops near the college campus or in the canteen.

Bunking is an essential part of engineering because an engineer can’t be so serious about studies.


IT, EC, EE, CS, Mechanical etc branch students have a common habit and that is smoking. They bunk the lectures, go out from the college and also make secret places inside the campus for smoking. The strict rules and regulations of campus also can’t stop them from it.

An innocent guy also starts smoking after he joins engineering. Around 90% engineering students do smoking. Though the reason for joining the smokers club varies from students. Some start it to become an icon, some smoke for passion, some think it’s an anti-stress agent.

Note: -It’s injurious to health and you should stay away from it :P.



An engineering student  knows the value of Wine. They just need a single excuse and they will gonna arrange the party. Engineering students prefer friend’s room to enjoy the party along with their mates. A backlog in a subject is also enough to drink wine :P.

Night out


You can’t stop engineering students at home. They don’t like to live in their homes and they will either take a college outside the city or will go to friend’s room for night studies. They explore the night world via bike ride with a midnight tea and their most famous tool of 69mm or 84mm  length. You know what I mean.


Last hours study

last hour study

A person who concentrates on studies from the start of the semester can’t be an engineer because he is a serious person and an engineer can’t be serious.

Engineers don’t stick themselves with books every time. They are known lazy and prepare for the  examination in the last hours. But, being so smart they grab good grades via last hours study too.

No appearance in mid-semester

Most of the engineering students neglect mid-semester examination. They dislike exams because they need to sit for 2 hours and they don’t wanna waste their precious hours. So, they decide not to appear in the mid-semester.

There will be hardly 1-2% engineering students who appear to attend all mid-semester examinations.


So, these are the symptoms of an engineering student.




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