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Digital marketing trends to follow in 2016 for driving massive sales

Instagram business profile

Instagram is a photo-sharing website owned by Facebook. Millions of people capture selfies, photos, and other digital content to post on their Instagram profiles. This application is one of the top downloaded mobile applications in the world.

So, it is necessary for organizations and businesses to influence the potential Instagram audience and convert them into customers. Instagram has opened the doors for business agencies by introducing Instagram business profiles. This feature is available in selected regions yet but will soon become public in few months.

Instragram business profile example


Instagram business profiles allow you to make a custom business profile. Once you switched your personal account to business account, the application will integrate a contact button near follow button on your profile. You can link one out of three options call, get directions, and email address to the contact button. Leave your contact details and let customers contact you. It will help So, is not it a great thing for gathering leads?

Learn how to build Instagram profiles: – http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/instagram-business-profiles-how-to-set-up-and-analyze-your-activities/

These brand new 3 features will help you deploy your sales strategy in an effective manner with the massive expected output. Use the latest social media features and update your business with the technology to meet a new audience and convert them into customers.

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