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12 shocking and awesome jugaad(management) photos

Jugaad(setting or management) is a tool that makes our task easier. We all try to find jugaad to complete various complex tasks. But, there are people who invent funny, new and unique things by using their fabulous memory power. Here are the 12 best, shocking and amazing jugaadu photos: – I don’t …

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10 all-time best fielders of the world

When we heard a word “cricket”, We imagine a batsman or a bowler. These are the two strongest elements of cricket. But, fielding is also a major side in cricket and many fielders have changed the results in this game.  There are many cricketers who are known for playing great …

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The most active and modern Foreign Minister of India

India is the biggest democratic country  in the world. The country had seen various rulers and government in the past. But, the country had not seen any foreign minister like Mrs. Sushma Swaraj. She is available 24×7 to hear our problems and offering instant help. She is handling the foreign …

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