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10 all-time best fielders of the world

When we heard a word “cricket”, We imagine a batsman or a bowler. These are the two strongest elements of cricket. But, fielding is also a major side in cricket and many fielders have changed the results in this game.¬†

There are many cricketers who are known for playing great innings and taking couples of wickets. But, there are some players who have earned the name by their fielding efforts. There are many matches in the history of cricket where teams had successfully defended low scores via great fielding efforts. The shots that were believed to be fours or six in the past are converted into singles and catches. This is possible because players are focusing on their fitness and stamina to give their 100% on the field.

Here are the 10 all-time best fielders of the world: –

Jonty Rhodes

10 all-time best fielders of the world

Jonty Rhodes is known as a miracle boy in cricket. There’s is nothing impossible for him on the ground. The former South African player is known for his great fielding. He has uplifted the fielding level in cricket. The player taught the world how to dive and take catches. He was also known for his accurate throws.

The whole world knows him for an amazing run out of Inzamam-Ul-Haq.

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